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Hiking Piatra Craiului

Hiking Piatra Craiului Trips – an unforgettable experience on the “Queen of the Carpathians” trails

Hiking Piatra Craiului can be a fun activity for you and your friends. If you’re planning on visiting Romania, and are a passionate mountaineer, continue to read this article as you will find interesting things about the area. Piatra Craiului Mountain, also known as “The Queen of the Carpathian Mountains” awaits for you silently. It is the pearl of the Carpathian Crown, a place where grace meets wilderness.

Hiking Piatra CraiuluiHundreds or thousands of articles, books and studies have been written about Piatra Craiului. It is hard to add anything that has not yet been written about it. It is one of the most beloved mountains in the country, being truly an unusual sight in the landscape of the Romanian Carpathians. The Piatra Craiului massif is entirely included in the Piatra Craiului National Park. Being one of the most spectacular mountain massifs in the country, it has numerous marked trails (over 40). Therefore, Hiking Piatra Craiului has never been easier. You can choose to go by yourself, or take a professional mountain guide to present you the splendors of the area.

What you can find in the Piatra Craiului Mointains

In Piatra Craiului, almost 1,200 species of higher plants have been identified, more than a third of our country’s flora, and more than 200 moss and fern plants. More than 180 species are protected. The best known of which are the Piatra Craiului carnation, yew, angelica, robin’s blood, yellow poppy, cornerflower, wild gladiolus, bulbuls and mountain peonies. Hiking Piatra Craiului is a great way to discover that the plase is also home to an impressive number of mountain orchids, more than 40.

A living symbol is the Carnation of Pietra Craiului, a unique flower that can only be found here. It lives on the sunny, grassy cliffs of the alpine and sub-alpine region, its pink colour hard to miss in the summer months.

Is this the right hiking adventure for you?

The universal translation of the name ‘Piatra Craiului’ is ‘King’s Rock’ or ‘Prince’s Rock’. There are numerous paths you can follow, some suitable for beginners and others for advanced climbers. Depending on your level, and that of your group, you can opt for one of these mountain trails. We have prepared for you a package of mountain hikes called „Hiking Piatra Craiului”, from which you can choose the ideal route. We will guide you as professional English speaking mountain guides. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know when you will be in Romania. We look forward to meeting you!

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